Questionnaire for

Bar Out of line Bar Each answer multiplies questions, a METAquestion is what is the multiplier? Is to ask as to how many metaquestions a guide is asked a metaquestion too? Questionnaire

Bar What is for experts the part/portion of the metagalaxy inside the universe?
What is for a guide the oil field - deposit relationship? Home

Bar Could experts in categorization of petroleum reserves categorize reserves of matter in the universe?
What unique about the universe could geologists announce? Undertaking

Bar How much is the metagalactic fabric fractal-manufactured (and heavy grown)?
What is metagalactic maturation? Metafield

Bar How do injection rates (tempos) accelerate?
How do production temperature features betray themselves? Introduction

Bar Do experts apportion now cluster galaxies between injection and production?
Does a guide allocate now the dark matter to black holes? Instance

Bar Do experts know that standard gravitational theory of petroleum accumulation has almost petered out?
Does a guide know what ought to be a lot and what little? Inference

Bar Where does Wells Avenue lead to?
Is all the world a deed or no actor needed? De/Reference

Bar Will experts be stirred up like bees if one (or ones, cosmic oilers) honestly exploits the universe?
Did the words CHELovek & pCHELa (man & bee) take root in Russian at random? Object

Bar Does the universe resemble a man at 47 but manners at 27?
Is 3/5 or, rather, 4/7 the universe's scale to age ratio? Subject

Bar Is the arithmetic of three ratios (3/4, 4/7 and 3/7) complete on the whole?
Why not write merely e, the golden section and the like for inexact values? Project

Bar What biocidal tools for oil reservoirs do exploiters use?
Is a bolide able to clean abolish biocides and unscrupulous guides to boot? Subproject

Bar Do the dealings with reality worry experts?
Is the universe entirely mine and yours or should a guide go about his business and we mind our own? Survey

Bar What interesting to geologists could cosmologists report upon oil recovery?
Is it possible for earthly and cosmic oilers to correspond - if so distant? Email

Bar What of human proportions could supermen know from the size of manuscripts?
If extrabeings against animals: is dimension important to misunderstanding? Guestbook

Bar Might experts decipher communications from cosmic oilers?
Is a guide aware that an alternative theory of cognition, a theory of INcognition, comes into sight? Literature

Bar Which categories are physics, astrophysics and the others characterized by?
Theory of which category must physics of the universe be? Guestbook to leaf through

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