Smoke Object
A role of the observer. Think to the axiom: Sinking into a task profoundly enough we definitely see us as part of the task.
Bar Out of line Bar Does the universe resemble a man at 47 but manners at 27? Is 3/5 or, rather, 4/7 the universe's scale to age ratio? Questionnaire




The intention I hope to realize here in time is to define fundamentally an observer, something the most interesting in the metagalaxy, and now I tell only where to write me. Portrait
Bobylev V.N.
Computing Center
Russian Academy of Sciences
Vavilov Str 40
Moscow 117967
Portrait scaling A focal characteristic of any site by virtue of the user is its k = 1 - n/n0, where n0 and n are visits counted at and (to Experts for example) through the site's pages. For our web site we reckon k to be 3/4 of course.