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A role of the observer. Think to the axiom: Sinking into a task profoundly enough we definitely see us as part of the task.
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The aim of the subproject is to contest the ability of modern science to read in principle the message sent by superhuman intellect, should the scientific community be unable to understand a nonstandard thought of its own outsider behind which - it is terrible to think - stands over 3 billion years ot the terrestrial observer's evolution, so much the worth, could the human civilization as a whole be an observer not mediocre (meeting the principle of terrestrial mediocrity) but a typical one, not a narrow resident but a hero of ourtime.

To make the situation more realistic in conditions and terms, the proper message Metafield is sent in Russian (in the so-called Win-1251 code since we prefer ourselves the fixed font ER Kurier 1251 and the proportional one ER Bukinist 1251, not counting the Symbol for inevitable signs and Greek letters) and accompanied with two facilities in new windows: the translator and the converter.

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Use the clipboard for text transfer by free shortcut portions.
Win-1251 vs. KOI-8 et al. for transliteration.
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