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A role of the observer. Think to the axiom: Sinking into a task profoundly enough we definitely see us as part of the task.
Bar Out of line Bar Is the arithmetic of three ratios (3/4, 4/7 and 3/7) complete on the whole? Why not write merely e, the golden section and the like for inexact values? Questionnaire




The modernscience is a historical phenomenon. Once it appeared (with Galileo andNewton), and once it will disappear, to give way another phenomenon, morehuman, grounded explicitly on a terrestrial observer like you and me indefiance of scientific spasms to eliminate man. It is outlines of the coming "science" that we attempt to draw up in relation to the largest things, herein the metagalaxy. See also the following pamphlets (Moscow: CC RAS, in Russian) I still havein store and distribute free. Portrait

Bobylev V.N., Khachaturov V.R. Mathematical analysis of uncertainties related to oiland gas production. 1996, 64 p.

Bobylev V.N., Khachaturov V.R. Analysis of uncertainties related to the earth's evolution. 1997, 44 p.

Bobylev V.N. On the galactic uncertainty. 1998, 32 p.

Bobylev V.N. New relativism, or the Universe of numbers. 1999, 24 p.

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