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A place to call the metagalaxy, in whose pool/deposit B8 or A4-5 we dwell all, the greatest enterprise of the day, without acclamation and speculation. Even the grand metagalactic plan (implied in universality of natural laws) allows something similar to voluntarism of socialist planning.
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House An affair deserving of the headline: The metagalactic reserve reaches the category B, the development when "spouting wells still produce 10-15fold more fluid than pump machines turn out it", challenging the mechanicists of cosmology to whom the metagalaxy (mistaken for the universe as well) seems to be endowed everywhere with Lambda (the notorious dark energy), and in this sense mechanized wholly. The metagalaxy is flat in that metawells equipped with metapumps are vertical, so its dimension is 2 corrected to observation, and the metapump filling is identical to the Hubble constant h100 (= 4/7 also to within observation). As for the "gas" diminishing the metapump capacity, its separation is adequate to the famous metagalactic parameters beta and sigma_8 we derive from the dimension and h100.
(An inclined leg included: The local injection well, a point in the vicinity of which by the Milky Way perforation hole/slot we dwell on, drills the metagalaxy at the azimuth angle of arctg 3/4, nearly 37 degrees.)
An impressive example: There is an oil field being the spit and image (draft and design) of the metagalaxy exploitation, namely the Samotlor field in West Siberia (near Megion, Mega, etc. settlements) in 10-15th year of its exploitation (1981 in the middle). In total oil reserve it is the largest field in Russia but mean-geometric among the largest in the world, 7 gigatons, whose 3/7 are recoverable (designed in 1981 were 4/7), in turn, whose 3/4 have already been recovered during 30 years. In this sense the most interesting in the metagalaxy's fate, including "gas-liquid flooding" and "hydraulic fracturing", is in the future, a lot of water will flow...
An embarrassing question: How does pumping determine the barycenter b in the dipole Matter - Vacuum? Let a well, a fluid's dynamic level and a pump submerged be of depth 2100, 900 and 1200 respectively, if literal, in meters. The weighting on the well's bottom will then yield b = (2100 - 900)/2100 down to (2100 - 900)/2100, just 3-4/7, or 0.4-0.6 to spare, or even the golden section to the power of 1-2. The deeper the lower! On the other hand, in spouting wells the fluid spills over their heads due to the layer energy and injection, and the weighting yield is (potentially larger than) 1, so the yield weighted over the category B is somewhere under 1. At last, according to cosmologies that treat pumping as "acceleration in cosmic expansion", it starts at a "redshift" of 3-4/7, or rather, started 4-6 billion years ago. House