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A consideration founded on the fundamental const k = 3/4 representing the person as a perceptive observer of the metagalaxy and on the analysis of uncertainties inherent in him, herein on the basis of relative error 20%. As far as the manner of navigation through the site is concerned: It will by idea have the dimension 2/k, that of the metagalaxy.
Bar Out of line Bar Might experts decipher communications from cosmic oilers? Is a guide aware that an alternative theory of cognition, a theory of INcognition, comes into sight? Questionnaire




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Motto: ...und alles, was man weiss, nicht bloss rauschen und brausen gehoert hat, laesst sich drei Worten sagen.   F. Kuernberger
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Observation science mustn't search for truth "under the lamppost" - like the anecdotal drunk for the lost watch - even though there is "more light". Compare just for fun: watch and/or water, water = voda, VODkA ~ whiSKY, the sky of Russian cosmos, no joke.