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Cosmic oilers
A view of the sky from Russia, the country where now more 90% of oil is produced with water injection, in 2-3 cubic km per year. The impression of the universe under exploitation is created. No fiction, a little imagination is supposed.
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A geological preamble. As a matter of fact the light matter, these stars, galaxies and so on we observe in the universe, is similar to water, and the dark one (the notorious hidden mass) to oil; as such they mix hard and differ in viscosity and are extra sparse, rare, dear: 2-3 kg (let even a few times more) per cubic megakm. As regards above-mentioned injection, waterflooding, it is stars that are its original quanta distributed in mass with Salpeter's exponent -7/3, generically within 0.4-0.6 solar unit, whereas inverse action (pumping operation) betrays itself in X-rays, in the dubious isotopic ratio for boron and (from the same opera) in the deuterium abundance or baryon density.
A demonstration that known large-scale organization of metagalactic matter - along with other astrophysical things then existing it is clear why - not merely takes place, per se, but is serving a practical purpose. That is to say the very metagalaxy is frankly being exploited, with doing this industrially, to say the least metaphorically! Well, but what force does work and what for?
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A depot of materials we defer to. Trivialities must be done trivially, unlike physicists do. To outline our view on the whole, three fractions suffice: 3/4, 4/7 and 3/7.
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(4th ratio, a relative error 20%, excluded - Once 0 < a < x < b, the x's relative error is b - a/b + a, per cent per usual.)